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Wire's Pink Flag (33 1/3) - Paperback By Neate, Wilson


Published: 02-01-2009
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 144
ISBN: 9780826429148
Imprint: Continuum
Series: 33 1/3


About Wire's Pink Flag

In contrast with many of their punk peers, Wire were enigmatic and cerebral, always keeping a distance from the crowd. Although Pink Flag appeared before the end of 1977, it was already a meta-commentary on the punk scene and was far more revolutionary musically than the rest of the competition. Few punk bands moved beyond pared-down rock 'n' roll and garage rock, football-terrace sing-alongs or shambolic pub rock and, if we're honest, only a handful of punk records hold up today as anything other than increasingly quaint period pieces. While the majority of their peers flogged one idea to death and paid only lip service to punk's Year Zero credo, Wire took a genuinely radical approach, deconstructing song conventions, exploring new possibilities and consistently reinventing their sound. THIS IS A CHORD. THIS IS ANOTHER. THIS IS A THIRD. NOW FORM A BAND, proclaimed the caption to the famous diagram in a UK fanzine in 1976 and countless punk acts embodied that do-it-yourself spirit. Wire, however, showed more interesting ways of doing it once you'd formed that band and they found more compelling uses for those three mythical chords.


“Neate has approached the subject matter with Wire-worthy detachment. Eschewing the florid horridness of most rock writing, he's come back with an unembellished report and interviews with all suspects present. It's everythingy ou could possibly want to know about Pink Flag...” –  Brian Joseph Davis,


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